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Moments in Marais

One of the my most important experiences on my “grand voyage” in February was visiting the wholesale shops of jewellery materials in Paris. This was something I had never before been able to do. Here are a few images from one of these amazing Marais stores… I must say that my heart started pounding quite … Continue reading


I’ve always felt that continental Europe should be experienced by train. Now finally having done just the one trip from Berlin to Paris, I’m sure of it: this really is the way to travel if you’re not in a terrible hurry. And why should you be! Eight and a half hours on a train might … Continue reading

The quality of things

I bought a very stylish, grey vintage (probably 1950s-60s) umbrella from the Arkonaplatz flea market in Berlin. Although I much dislike rain and especially walking in it, I have a strange affection for umbrellas and have quite a few of them. Well, anyway, I couldn’t resist this one, it was so lightweight, lean and slender … Continue reading

Time Travel

Staying at Pension Funk in beautiful Charlottenburg was almost like time travel of sorts. Breakfast room in Asta Nielsen’s old salon. I like travelling alone but the downside is usually the fact that there’s nothing much to to do in the later evening. But here I felt so utterly comfortable, that just staying in the … Continue reading